Carriage Services Our Guiding Principles and Shared “Being The Best” Ten Year Vision and Execution of Each Business!
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    Succession planning solutions with
    our decentralized and partnership
    high performance framework
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Why Others Have Chosen to Partner with Carriage

The best remaining independent owners have chosen to partner with Carriage Services because we offer highly attractive succession planning options and solutions so that their legacy family business will remain operationally prosperous in their local communities.

Our decentralized and partnership framework can be tailored exactly to the owner’s wishes on how much or how little he or she still wants to be involved with the continuing operations of the business. Our partnership with you and our support of your business are focused on the continuing prosperity and outstanding reputation of your business locally as well as the continued growth of your valued staff.

Kathy & Joe Becker, Becker Ritter Funeral Home

The Carriage Difference

Corporate consolidation in our industry has historically had more negative effects than positive with its centralized, top-down budget and control, roll-up approach. We are not a corporate consolidator.

We believe that, as your partners, the answers and solutions to this industry’s challenges arise locally through our partnership and support of you and your people.

Houston Support Center Staff

Please Contact Us Confidentially

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about what Carriage has to offer. We believe confidentiality is a means to safe guard both you and the reputation of your business, as well as a way to protect our prospective relationship.